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Nicetta a love story of Pizza, pasta and all things Italian

Nicetta, A Love Story

Alvise and Dominique both came to the South west looking for new horizons. Alvise wanted to explore the world outside of Sicily. Dominique was looking to be closer to her family.

Their paths crossed whilst working in a chain restaurant. The hours were long. The work was tough. It was a raw deal for staff and customers. Both of them knew there was a better way. As time went by they grew closer, and their passion for doing business - and food - the right way intensified.

Then at Villa Nicetta, one of the most beautiful locations in Sicily, they got married.

Now as a family, they knew the time was right for laying plans for the future. With Dominique's roots in Weymouth they wanted to start a family business where there hearts lay.

After a lot of hard work, they transformed a tired property into a clean, comfortable, intimate restaurant. Alvise brought his Sicilian heritage, passion for great food and Dominique brought her long experience as a restaurant manager and together they have a fearless pursuit of high standards.

Today in Weymouth, you can taste a little piece of Sicily - Passion, flair and Family.

Welcome to Nicetta

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